Peter Rice Appointed General Manager, Summit Helicopters

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Rice as General Manager, Summit Helicopters.

As the General Manager, Peter will be responsible for providing safe, reliable and efficient operations at Summit Helicopters, while supporting the company’s strategic and operational plan.

Throughout his 10 plus years working with the company, Peter has developed a broad knowledge of all the areas of the business through his various roles. 

Coming from a maintenance background, Peter originally joined the company as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) and held the positions of Production and Quality Assurance Manager and, later, Base Manager at our Yellowknife operations. 

His professional development continued to progress while working as the Operations Manager in Kamloops.

His operational experience together with his responsibilities of managing the commercial aspects of the business has allowed Peter to grow and develop alongside Summit Helicopter and made him a clear choice for the General Manager role.

I am proud to see Peter take this key leadership role with Summit Helicopters and look forward to working with him as the company continues to grow.

Lane Zirnhelt

President, Summit Aviation